Buying music on A-Scores with a "Royalty free" license gives you the rights to use the music in commercial (video and game) productions without limitations or having to pay additional fees.

The "Personal use" license is for those who only want to use the music in non-commercial (personal video and game) productions (non-profit films, holiday videos, school projects, Youtube videos, etc) or just as listening music.


The rights of using the product are only granted to a single user or company name.
You or your company may use this product on separate computers, with no limit of back-ups, however all shall be owned and used by you or your company exclusively.
All music and compositions in our products remain the property of A-Scores and her composers and producers.
All our products (depending on the license) may be used in commercial and non-commercial video and game productions only.
Spreading or selling the products or any parts of our products other than the use in video and game productions is strictly forbidden.